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WASH DC — Dorothy Brizill, community activist, civic reformer, founder and Executive Director of District nonprofit, non-partisan DC Watch is a stalwart dedicated to reducing District government corruption and promoting transparency.

She enlightened nearly 30 FBA members at the January 26th membership meeting of the significance of having a watchdog organization that shares fiscal and policy information about district administration and bureaucracy that would otherwise go unreported or be buried obscurely in printed news. DC Watch continued connecting the dots. In FB/WE, theelemental concern revolves around the sale or transfer of our public assets to private parties, for illusory public benefit and empty promises.

Our Fire Station, MPD Special Ops substation, West End Library, and Stevens School—some of the most valuable property in the District—have all been on the auction block and could well “lost” to residents, the rightful owners. Brizill reminded members that, without citizen oversight, there is no barrier to losing the proximity and level of our protective fireand police services and that we must be vigilant.

DC Watch’s major official project is its website, www. DCwatch.com, which informs the public about fundamental policy issues, District government, and its officials. DCWatch also serves as an online outlet for opinion with its twice-weekly e letter, “The Mail,” as well as providing a wealth of informational resources for citizens. ~ Contributing subscribers are encouraged to post notes. Not all notes are posted and some may be returned for clarification or with questions. In general, newsworthy notes conveying information and/ or analysis are more likely to be posted than opinions. Posting rules are simple: Please provide a title for each message. On the next line, write your name and email address. Anonymous posts are not accepted. Please use conventional grammar, formatting, and layout. Classified ads and event listings are accepted and run on a space available basis. All contributions should be sent to themail@dcwatch.com. ~ FBN

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