The Good Neighbor Guide

Good Neigh­bor Guide

Trash Pick-Up Days

D.C. col­lects trash from houses twice a week, Tues­day and Fri­day morn­ings. A hol­i­day delays the pick-up one day. Trash should be placed on the curb after 6 p.m. on the night before the col­lec­tion day in a sturdy trash­can. No trash is to be left out in-between the trash pick-up days. Call 727‑1000 to receive city trash­cans and recy­cling bins. Vio­la­tors are sub­ject to stiff fines by the city from $35 to $1,000. Don’t let trash blow away on windy days.


News­pa­pers, cans, bot­tles and plas­tic con­tain­ers (1″ or 2″) on the bot­tom) for recy­cling are col­lected on Fri­days only (some­times delayed to Sat­ur­days). They must be placed in the recy­cling con­tain­ers pro­vided by the city. News­pa­pers must be tied and card­board boxes must be bro­ken down and tied.

Bulk Trash Pick-Up

Call 727‑1000 to arrange for bulk trash pick-up. It is ille­gal to place bulk trash such as fur­ni­ture, large appli­ances and mat­tresses, in front of your house prior to the bulk pick-up day.

Lit­ter & Graffiti

Stud­ies have shown that not remov­ing lit­ter and graf­fiti imme­di­ately only leads to more lit­ter and graf­fiti. Please pick up any lit­ter you see and report any graf­fiti (727‑1000).

Snow Removal

Home­own­ers and renters are respon­si­ble for remov­ing snow from the front of their houses. After a snow­storm, D.C. law requires tsnow be removed from the side­walk within 8 hours.

Noise At Night

D.C. law makes it ille­gal to make noise between 11 p.m. — 7 a.m. that would dis­turb your neigh­bors’ sleep. Loud par­ties, play­ing loud music, or any other activ­ity that cre­ates noise after 11 p.m. are sub­ject to fines by the city and even arrest. Report exces­sive noise to D.C. Police — dial 311. You may need to call more than once.

Stu­dent Disturbances

Most stu­dents are good neigh­bors. A few, how­ever, cause prob­lems.
Report exces­sive noise or dis­tur­bances to the D.C. Police; dial 311 for non-emergency calls.

You should also report stu­dent dis­tur­bances to GWU so they can com­pile a record and dis­ci­pline stu­dents who are repeat­edly dis­rup­tive: GWU Police: 994‑6110.

The Uni­ver­sity Police Chief has a TIP line for con­fi­den­tial reports. You can call (994) TIPS-8477 or call the Direc­tor of Off-Campus Stu­dent Affairs at (202) 994‑0334.

D.C. Drink­ing Age

In Wash­ing­ton D.C., it is ille­gal to pro­vide alco­hol to any­one under the age of 21. Call the police if your are aware of vio­la­tions of this law and file a report with the MPD and the GWU Police.


Dis­trict law requires own­ers to pick up and dis­pose of their pets’ leav­ings even on grassy park areas. Your neigh­bors don’t like to track dog leav­ings into their cars or homes. It is also a food source for rats. Do not let your pet uri­nate on small bushes because it may kill them. More­over, it will dis­ap­point your neigh­bors who planted them to help beau­tify the neigh­bor­hood. Fines range from $35 to $2000.

There is a pet park on 26th street where you and your pet can make many friends. Do not let your pet in the children’s park, because pet drop­pings can make small chil­dren sick.

Side­walks and Tree Spaces

Although they tech­ni­cally belong to the city, D.C. law requires res­i­dents to keep them clean. Leaves must be removed and bagged. Leaves should also be removed from the curb­side gutters.

Lamp Post Signs

It is ille­gal to post any­thing on D.C. prop­erty — lamp­posts, trees, or util­ity boxes. If you see signs, please remove them (except ANC notices).

Park­ing and Block­ing Sidewalks

Much of the area has res­i­den­tial park­ing restric­tions ban­ning day­time and evening park­ing for more than 2 hours, except for cars dis­play­ing a Zone 2 res­i­den­tial park­ing per­mit. Tick­et­ing is fre­quent and unre­lent­ing! Tem­po­rary park­ing per­mits for vis­i­tors are avail­able at the 2nd Police Dis­trict. It is also ille­gal to park a vehi­cle so it blocks the side­walk. Call Police on 311 to report violators.

Foggy Bot­tom Gar­den Committee

Help beau­tify our com­mu­nity with half bar­rels and flow­ers in the pub­lic areas.
To vol­un­teer: call Ken 338‑2471
To con­tribute: send check to Foggy Bot­tom Gar­den Club, 909 26 Street NW, Wash DC 20037

If You Rent

For your safety, DC requires land­lords to have a Cer­tifi­cate of Occu­pancy, a Busi­ness License, and be a Reg­is­tered Agent, under cer­tain cir­cum­stances, when mul­ti­ple renters live in a sin­gle house. Be sure that your land­lord has all the nec­es­sary per­mits. — call 442‑4610. If you wish to have a fire safety inspec­tion call DCRA on 442‑4400 or the Fire Mar­shall on 727‑1614.

His­toric Preservation

Houses within the Foggy Bot­tom His­toric Dis­trict may require a per­mit for any exte­rior work.
Call 442‑8800 or click on His­toric Preser­va­tion.

Vot­ing Rights

D.C. res­i­dents do not have full vot­ing rights in the U.S. Con­gress. D.C. Vote a non-profit, non-partisan edu­ca­tional and advo­cacy orga­ni­za­tion whose mis­sion is to secure full con­gres­sional vot­ing rights for Dis­trict res­i­dents —

Phone Num­bers and Websites

D.C. Police & Fire Emer­gency — 911 — D.C. Police Non-Emergency — 311

To file a com­plaint or request for ser­vice with the D.C. Gov­ern­ment: Call 727‑1000, the Mayor’s City­wide Call Cen­ter. The oper­a­tor will record your request or report and give you a ref­er­ence num­ber for follow-up. You can also file a ser­vice request on the Web Go to: Under Ser­vices (bot­tom of left col­umn), select Online Forms and select File A Con­sumer Complaint.

Water or Sewer Problem:

Go to: or call 202–354-3600

Sec­ond Dis­trict Police Station

3320 Idaho Ave., NW, Wash­ing­ton, DC 20016 — Phone: (202) 282‑0070
GWU Police — 202–994-6110

Elec­tric Power Out­ages — 202–837-2662

Gas Emer­gency — 703–750-1400
Water & Sewer Emer­gency — 202–612-3400

Dept. of Motor Vehi­cles Offices: George­town Park Mall & 300 Indi­ana Ave NW

West End Library: 202–724-8707 — 1101 24th Street, N.W.

Ward 2 D.C. Coun­cil­man: Jack Evans

JackEvans@DCcouncil.US (202)724‑8058
Sherri Kim­bel — Coun­cil­man Evans Direc­tor of Con­stituent Services

The Foggy Bot­tom Association

We’re a neigh­bor­hood civic asso­ci­a­tion, founded in the 1950’s to enhance and pro­tect the res­i­den­tial qual­ity of the area and keep res­i­dents informed on mat­ters affect­ing the com­mu­nity. The FBA holds nine monthly meet­ings each year with speak­ers of inter­est to the res­i­dents. The meet­ings are usu­ally held the last Mon­day of the month (except for July, August, and Decem­ber). To join the Foggy Bot­tom Asso­ci­a­tion, send a check for your yearly dues of $15 to: Foggy Bot­tom Asso­ci­a­tion 2550 Vir­ginia Ave NW, Suite 195, Wash­ing­ton DC 20037.

Foggy Bottom/West End Advi­sory Neigh­bor­hood Commission

Com­posed of six elected rep­re­sen­ta­tives from the com­mu­nity, the ANC is the area’s offi­cial voice with the Dis­trict gov­ern­ment on mat­ters such as zon­ing, pub­lic safety, and envi­ron­ment. Under the terms of the Home Rule char­ter, city agen­cies are to give great weight to the views of the Com­mis­sion. Pub­lic ANC meet­ings are held once a month, often at the State Plaza Hotel on F Street. Email: or check web site:

Foggy Bot­tom Email Alert

Foggy Bot­tom res­i­dents cre­ated an email List­serve Group on the web site. This email alert is to inform sub­scribers on pub­lic safety mat­ters and issues involv­ing the city gov­ern­ment and the res­i­den­tial qual­ity of the neigh­bor­hood. The Alert does not allow adver­tis­ing or com­mer­cial mes­sages. You can sub­scribe to the Alert for free by first sub­scrib­ing to Yahoo and then going to the Yahoo Groups and search­ing for Foggy Bot­tom. Then look for “Foggy Bot­tom Alert” and subscribe.

It is also impor­tant for you to express your opin­ion by sub­mit­ting com­ments to the city, attend­ing ANC & Foggy Bot­tom Asso­ci­a­tion meet­ings, or par­tic­i­pat­ing in an email dialogue.

This web­page is designed to remind you, as a res­i­dent of the city, of the rules and reg­u­la­tions and whom to call if you need help or have to file a complaint.

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